Thursday, September 25, 2008

Have I told you that I don't like hot weather?

Home Air Conditioning Unit
Home Air Conditioning Unit

(My air conditioning unit is much more modern lol)

Yes, I know I have!!! But I'm going to say it once more. I don't like hot weather. Autumn has arrived in the calendar and though we have some cooler days every now and then, this summer hasn't been very hot (what a blessing!), I'm longing for cooler days. It is not too hot outside but my house is very hot and I'm totally addicted to my A/C. Did I say addicted? I did. I don't like the idea of being addicted to anything but I'm addicted to it. When I turn my A/C on, I immediately feel more energetical. Sometimes I try to keep it off for economical and environmental reasons, but my energy levels just go down and down and I feel exhausted even if I'm just lying on my couch.
I can't believe I have an entire post on A/C. LOL I told you that my blog is about everything that comes into my mind (well, not everything!!) and that is not always very spiritual

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