Thursday, August 28, 2008

One more post about early-rising (probably not the last one)

A White-Tailed Sea Eagle Silhouetted against the Rising Sun
A White-Tailed Sea Eagle Silhouetted against the Rising Sun

I'm getting up earlier each day and this morning I got up at 5:50 am and prayed while the sun was rising. It was just wonderful! It is always wonderful to be in the presence of our dear Lord, but at that time of the day, the quietness and the beauty of the rising sun makes that moment even more special.
And I think I'm gradually getting into the habit of rising up early. At least I hope I am because it really feels good. I get more things done at the end of the day and I notice a feeling of well-being during the day, and especially during the morning, which has always been my favourite part of the day, even when I didn't wake up early.

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Rubinho Pirola said...

Do you know this hymn: "Bem de manhã"? Unfortunately I have no idea about its English version...
Começa assim:
"Bem de manhã e sem cessar, vigiar, e orar..."... Ouvi muito a minha mãe cantar na minha infância e fala da importância em buscarmos o Senhor, logo antes de tudo o mais. Esse é o segredo para um bom dia. Que Deus a mantenha assim... O melhor de Cristo, é Ele mesmo, lembre-se disso sempre!
Um beijão!