Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Some photos

Today I'm sharing some of our latest photos. This one was taken last week. We decided to watch a film together, so we turned off the lights, made some popcorn and sat down to watch the film. I once did that when Catarina was about three and she loves pretending that we are in the cinema!

Here is Catarina with the snowman we made for the project in Dalle un colinho. Poor snowman!!! We're both not very crafty but we tried! We certainly did. We made our snowman with some old socks and buttons.

This is a card we made for a dear friend. Her birthday was last Thursday and we invited her for lunch as she works near our house.

And here you can see our table prepared for that lunch:

Here DD is showing her new scarf, my first knitting project. Ok, I know it's very basic and not very perfect but it's my first one and for Catarina, it is beautiful. That's what matters, isn't it?

And these are the tuna pastry rolls, the new recipe I tried last week. They were delicious.


Meninheira said...

Oh Lara, é bem fofinho!! Encántame!

Nao é importante a habilidade, o projecto é para simplesmente trabalhar com os filhos. :)

Muito obrigada por participar, um beijinho graaaande :)

(envio-te um e-mail com a minha direcçao para que me fagas chegar esos rolinhos tao riiiiicos hehehehe)

Mari said...

The snowman is cute and I really like the scarf. Catarina looks happy with it!

desorganizada said...

Let me tell you something: those tuna pastry rolls look delicious! (I love tuna!!lol)
The scarf looks great! Catarina is so pretty with it!


Aninhas said...

estão muito prendadas as meninas ;-)

Pequete said...

Pois eu acho que o boneco de neve é muito patusco - as minhas miúdas viram e gostaram. Os rolinhos de atum têm excelente aspecto, pode-se saber a receita?

Lara Gisela said...

Ana, os rolinhos de atum são do mais fácil que há. Massa folhada (feita em casa ou congelada), estende-se a massa, cortas em rectângulos, recheias com atum ou outra coisa que queiras, enrolas, pincelas com gema de ovo e vai ao forno. Bom apetite!

Pug1 said...

What an adorable smile on Catarina, she just loves her new scarf! You seem to be a fantastic mum! CHEERS! Michele