Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Portuguese or English? Portuguese and English? / Português ou Inglês? Português e Inglês?

Someone from Brazil told me today that he likes visiting my blog but that he cannot understand most of what I write because his English is not very good. Well, I started my blog in Portuguese but then, as most of my readers are English-speaking, I started writing in English. I thought I could write my posts in both languages but I felt too lazy to do it. But as «diligence cures sloth», I'll start writing both in English and in Portuguese. And maybe some of my English-speaking visitors will start learning some words in Portuguese.
Uma pessoa do Brasil disse-me que gosta de visitar o meu blogue mas que não entende a maior parte daquilo que eu escrevo pois sabe pouco inglês. Eu comecei a escrever o meu blogue em português mas depois, como a maior parte das pessoas que me lêem falam só inglês, comecei a escrever em inglês. Pensei depois em escrever as minhas mensagens nas duas línguas mas tive preguiça. Mas como «contra a preguiça diligência», vou começar a escrever em inglês e em português. E talvez alguns dos meus visitantes de língua inglesa comecem a aprender algumas palavras em português.


Mari said...

Wow - you are good! I'll pay attention to the Portuguese and maybe I'll learn something.

Carla said...

You are so brave!!!

I never even thought of doing that, but mind you translating is not my strong point!!

Beijocas Linda

Raggedy Girl said...

My great grandmother was from the Azores. I remember many words spoken to me as a child.
Roberta Anne

. said...

I never thought about writing mine in portuguese because I want it to be an international blog and the english is the language of the internet. I don't write as a portuguese but as a woman, period.
I'm not writing for Portugal, I do it for the world.


Linda said...

Whoohoo.. I would be absolutely LOST if you only wrote in portuguese.. hehe ;)

So I'm thankful for the english.

greetings from the netherlands!

p.s. Doesn't altavista let you see websites in translated languages, when you fill in the URL somewhere?

Lara Gisela said...

Carla, I'm not that brave, I just feel I should be doing this and it is obvious that my blog exists because other people read it. I could say that I am writing just for me or for my daughter, but I wouldn't have to do that in the Internet. People have done that for ages before they had Internet. Of course I do it for me and for my daughter as well, but I also do it for whoever likes to read it.
And Alfazema, I'm not saying that you have to do the same. I respect your opinion but, as for me, I think that, as a Portuguese woman, with Portuguese and Brazilian readers, I can do that. It is something I want to do for those people who like to come here and who can only speak Portuguese. Because I love them as much as I love my English-speaking readers.

Isabel de Matos said...

Obrigada Lara, assim já posso deixar uns comentários!
Escrever em inglês não me atrevo e comentar em português algo que li em inglês não me parecia bem... para além de que nem sempre percebo tudo! :)
Beijinhos, obrigada pelo teu blogue e por esta decisão.

Sandra said...

I understand and can speak and read both, so I'm fine with whatever language you use :)

Meninheira said...

Sim!!! eu tambem é que gostaría de ler-te en português :D

Um beijinho