Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lies Women Believe...

...And The Truth That Sets Them Free. Great book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I'm still reading it but I'll leave you with some quotes from the chapter Lies Women Believe...About Priorities:

«More often than not, I find that women (and Christian women are no exception) feel overwhelmed by how much they have to do and how little time they have to do it.»

«Years ago, I read that the average woman today has the equivalent of fifty full-time servants, in the form of modern, timesaving devices and equipment. That figure may or may not be accurate, but we certainly have many conveniences available to us that were unknown to women of past generations.»

«Well, the future is here. We have devices and gadgets that even the most imaginative minds never dreamed of when I was a little girls. So why are our lives more harried and hurried than ever? Why are we so stressed out?
There are probably a number of explanations. However, one reason is that we have accepted the lie that we don't have time to do everything we are supposed to do.
The fact is, we have no more or less time than any other human being who has ever lived.»

«In fact, the Lord Jesus Himself was given only a few short years on earth to accomplish the entire plan of redemption. Talk about a long "to do" list! Yet, at the end of His life, Jesus was able to lift His eyes to His Father and say, "I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do" (John 17:4 KJV, italics added).»

«Jesus didn't finish everything His disciples wanted Him to do. (...) He didn't finish everything the multitudes wanted Him to do. (...) But He did finish the work that God gave Him to do.»

«Half a century ago, a handful of determined women set out to achieve a philosophical and cultural revolution. Convinced that women needed to throw off the shackles of male oppression, they wrote books, published articles, taught college courses, marched in the streets, lobbied Congress, and in myriad ways succeeded in capturing the minds and hearts of millions of women.
They redefined what it means to be a woman and tossed out widely held views of a woman's priorities and mission in life. Concepts such as virtue, chastity, discretion, domesticity, submission, and modesty were largely eliminated from our vocabulary, and replaced with choice, divorce, infidelity, and unisex lifestyles. The daughters and granddaughters of that generation have never known any other way of thinking.
One of the most devastating objectives and effects of this "new" view of womanhood has been to demean marriage and motherhood and to move women - both physically and emotionally - out of their homes and into the workforce.»

«Paul was obviously addressing women who had been married, in keeping with the biblical perspective that marriage is God's norm for most women. However, according to 1 Corinthians 7:32-35, women who are unmarried are still called to be "homemakers", though in a different sense. They are to devote their energies and efforts to building the household of faith; they are to live selfless lives that revolve not around their own interests and aspirations, but around Christ and His kingdom.
The Scripture is clear that a married woman's life and ministry are to be centered in her home. This is not to suggest that it is necessarily wrong for a wife and mother to have a job outside her home - unless that job in any way competes with or diminishes her effectiveness in fulfilling her primary calling at home. Further, it is important for women to evaluate their reason (s) for working outside their home and to identify any deception behind those reasons.
For example, it is widely assumed today that a family simply cannot make it without two incomes. It is true that one of the unfortunate byproducts of the feminist revolution is that our economy has become dependent on two-income families. However, that does not necessarily mean that families cannot survive on one income.
The Truth is that God gave to the man the primary responsibility to be the "breadwinner" for his wife and children. The Enemy has seen to it that i has become extremely difficult to function this way, but it is always possible to live according to the Truth if we want to.»

«In a fallen world, I realize there are some situations where the "ideal" may not be possible. However, realities such as the prevalence of divorce and single moms should not make us throw out the ideal.»

«Day in and day out, they are building a home; they are being life-givers; they are laying a foundation and building a memorial that will outlive them for generations to come; they are honoring their Creator in the greatest possible way.»


Mari said...

This looks really interesting. I'm going to have to look for this book.

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Gostei e concordo com o que foi escrito. ;)