Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving Thanks - Thursday

Giving Thanks
Today is the last day of this «Giving Thanks» celebration. I've listed some of the most important things I am thankful for but there are so much more. For today I have chosen homeschooling. I am thankful for the opportunity God is giving us to homeschool our daughter. I is amazing how God led us in this direction and, although we have been criticized and/or regarded as odd by many people, we truly believe that homeschooling is a biblical form of education. It is not easy to homeschool but we believe that when we make our children and their training a priority, God will bring us many blessings.


. said...

There are so many people who homeschool in this country. Brave woman you are.


Paula said...

Yes, it definitely takes a lot of courage to follow the home education path in Portugal, where it is virtually unknown and followed by so few! I mean, how many are actually doing it? Six or so? I'm really proud of you!

Cris said...

Olá! Cheguei aqui pelo blog da Kelli, muito jóia (giro) seu blog. Beijos.