Sunday, January 11, 2009


The Warmth of Friendship by Flavia Weedn
The Warmth of Friendship

My husband and I have always had the gift of hospitality and lately, God is telling me to develop this gift even more. Relationships are opportunities to pass on God's love and in the Bible, we can clearly see how important relationships are. I have always loved to open my home to others and last November, I invited some women (family, friends) over for tea and we had a wonderful time. In December, we had a Christmas tea and God showed me that I could do this regularly, always making a point to invite someone I don't know so well or who has never come to my house. Next Saturday, we're having another tea and inspired by Sandra, I decided to invite everyone to bring their knitting material to teach those who can't do anything (like me!!!). I'm sure we'll have a very blessed afternoon.
But today, as I was speaking to someone whom I have invited, that person was asking me: Why? Why are you doing this? Why do you want to do this? Why are you getting into so much trouble? First of all, I love opening my home and doing everything I can to make people feel comfortable and welcome. But I also understand the importance of developing relationships. I know that whenever I develop the spiritual gift of hospitality, I demonstrate God's love.
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Sandra said...

I'm so glad I inspired you to do the knitting thing, I know that it will be fun and you will all enjoy it.

You know I agree with you, I think it's great to develop relationships this way.


Pug1 said...

It is surely a blessing to have the gift of hospitality! Relationships are truly important and what a great way to encourage others! CHEERS! Michele

Lulu said...

you are so nice..I wish i could be there enjoying the nice tea and friendship..
beijinhos amiga

Lady Katherine said...

I love you had tea and knitting! Its so much fun. I used have days women would come, we would knit, make baskets, redo chairs, ect. So much fun.