Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet by Grace Pullen
Home Sweet

I know I've written about this before but I'm going to do it once more. Apart from my blogger friends, I don't know a single woman who loves being at home. And those I know who are at home are doing it either because they have small children and feel it is important to spend more time with them, or because they are unemployed. There might be other reasons but they all agree in saying that they would prefer doing some kind of paid work because they want to have their money and/or because they need to feel fulfilled. They need to know that they are doing something useful.
I don't want to say that all women should be at home. I do think it would be better for most women but I'm not entering that discussion. I just want to tell those women who are at home for some reason that it is possible to be happy and fulfilled at home. I've been through all experiences: I've worked outside the home, I've worked from home and have been paid for doing it and now I'm a happy and fulfilled full-time wife, mother and homemaker. I don't feel the need to earn «my» money because though we have to live more frugally than other families, we have more than enough and we trust in God's provision. And as for the fulfillment, there is nothing more rewarding than caring for your loved ones, for your home sweet home, and being available to help those who might need you.
I'm so grateful for this opportunity that God gives me every day to serve my family.


Mari said...

You are so right! I was able to stay home when my kids were young and I wish I could have done it longer. I now work 4 days a week and I know there are so many things I could do to help others (even family members) if I wasn't tied down to a job. I'm happy for you that you are able to be home.

Sandra said...

I loved this post, as a stay at home mom myself, I just can't imagine being anywhere else.

Thank you for stopping by my blog, so glad you did.


Tibetan Star said...

Olá, descobri agora o teu blog! Ainda ensinas em casa?

Lara Gisela said...

Olá Tibetan Star (Leonor???),
Sim, continuo a fazer ensino doméstico e está a corre muito bem, graças a Deus.
Assim que tiver tempo, vou espreitar os teus blogues.
Um beijinho

Tibetan Star said...

Nao, nao sou a Leonor, chamo-me Paula

Lara Gisela said...

Sorry!!! Tu desculpa mas sou completamente despassarada (será que a palavra existe???). Não estou a ver quem tu és. Também ainda não espreitei o teu blogue, é certo, mas assim que puder, vou fazê-lo.