Friday, August 04, 2006

«The woman who works in the home (which may or may not include a home business venture on the side) is a WORKING WOMAN. Anyone who's managed an active home for a mere week can testify that being in charge of a home leaves little time for propping on the couch to watch soap operas and eating bonbons (contrary to the misconceptions most ultra-feminists seem to have--*grin*).
Being at home is an active choice, a real responsibility, and can require more labor (both mentally and physically) than many "outside careers" would ever dare to ask. Being a stay-home wife and mother IS a career--and a noble one at that.
Being a home-worker has many wonderful advantages (for both yourself and your family), but also presents many challenges...especially for those of us who have not been taught how to manage a home in the first place. It is our desire that this website will help equip and encourage you for the task» From the owners of

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